STA is now Immortal Perfumes


16_0911_immortal_perfume_com_0337I need to be honest, I forgot my WordPress blog existed because I apparently haven’t logged in since I switched ecommerce platforms in 2014. I was reminded of its existence because people apparently still comment here (where did you guys come from?!). It is my duty to inform you that this relic has moved into the 21st century. The shop is now called Immortal Perfumes and I no longer update this blog. My blog can now be found at It’s worth your time…a lot prettier and more professional than whatever is going on here from back in my noob days.



A Handmade Holiday Gift Guide


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I feel that these days I begin every blog post with an apology for not having written in a hot minute. This post will continue that tradition. I’m sorry. It’s been since August. I’ve missed you too.

First things first for my regular customers: Sweet Tea Apothecary will be having a Cyber Monday sale. It will be the last sale of the year so it’s a great time to stock up. You can get 30% off all bottles of perfume with code TDAY14 on Monday December 1. This offer applies to all bottles (not samples, solids, or candles). Secondly, on Cyber Monday I will also be debuting a SUPER limited number of solid perfume compacts seen in the lead picture. I only have five ovals and four round so it’s first come first serve. Unlike the ones I used to sell these are just compacts for your purse or vanity, not jewelry. The last thing you should know is that when STA returns from a scheduled close from December 15-January 5…Victoria, Clara, and Maynard will no longer be in stock. This is to make room for new perfumes and colognes. You’ll still be able to order them but they will probably become a seasonal fixture in the Spring and Summer and will no longer be included in sample packs.

Onward to the gift guide!

This has been the year of Craft Shows for me. I participated in a bunch in cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Here are some of my favorite vendors that I bought from, worked with, or talked to.


I traded perfume for this beautiful necklace by Heron and Lamb.

Glass cluster ring by Urban Revisions

I have a black lace necklace like the one above by Topiary Designs. I love her, she is my show buddy.



Red Prairie Press, handmade clothes. I have this print in a t-shirt. Love her sweaters and pocket dresses too.


Treat yourself to fine leather goods by Hammer & Hyde my booth mate at Renegade NYC.


Love this food print by Katie Copeland Illustration.

Lord and Little makes adorable toys, pillows, etc for babies. They don’t have a lot up in their shop right now but check out the adorable Christmas decorations in their other storefront Haus and Home.

Baby girl about lost her mind when I presented this bear made by Finkelsteins.


My uncle loved these little planters by Concrete Geometric. The ones I got had gold paint along the edges.

DIY terrarium kit by makerskit.


I love pickles. ESPECIALLY THESE ONES. They also have cauliflower, green beans, beets, onions, carrots. So yum. These are also show buddies, very nice people. Buy some Pernicious Pickles.

T-We Tea is both delicious and hilariously named.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! Thank you as always for being wonderful and supportive. I’m so happy to have met a lot of you over the course of my travels. See you in 2015!!

Labor Day Sample Sale & Other News


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It occurred to me that some people might want to try my perfumes but find the cost of trying before buying cumbersome. So I give you the $1 sample sale. Since it’s Labor Day, and as we all know the entire point of Labor Day is to have sales (/sarcasm), I figured it was a good time to try this out. If successful I’ll do more of these sample sales in the future.

I’ve been lazy and promise to do a full write up of all my California shows (spoiler: Unique USA is amazing and if it’s in your city you need to do yourself a friggin’ service and go). But East Coast, it is now your turn! I will be doing my first East Coast show in Brooklyn, New York on September 13 & 14 as part of Renegade Craft Fair. I’d love to meet you!

Lets see what else? My label printer broke so I have returned to the old days where I have to manually cut out and tape shipping labels which is a huge pain. Hopefully Dymo gets their act together and responds to my request for repair. I’ve also been working hard on some new perfumes and hope to get those out in time for the holidays. I guess that’s it on the business front, summer is a more easy-going time of year. Hope it was wonderful for all of you!


You, Me, San Francisco, Thursday.


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Hey all, I’ll be presenting at this trunk show…copy and pasting this from our community blog:

The wonderful perfumers featured in the Pacific Northwest Indie Fragrance Criterion will be onsite at San Francisco’s Tigerlily Perfumery with their beautiful handcrafted perfumes! Come by to meet . . . 


Guests will enjoy perfume tribute cocktails and a 10% discount on all scents in the shop. For more information and to RSVP, go here. To learn more about the perfumers presenting, check out Sweet Anthem’s 5 Questions interviews. Lastly, for a review of all featured scents, check out this write up on Australian Perfume Junkies.

Hello, hello friends! How are you? I missed you! What are you reading?

I am back from one of my many disappearances. The last post I put up was weeks ago with a contact form so people could ask questions. And ask you all did! I had no idea that many people were interested in diy perfume, I love it. But hey, let’s talk about life.

The baby is currently doing this highly coordinated military exercise that she performs instead of actually walking – she crawls at lightning speed across the floor as though it’s the sandy beaches of Normandy then when she locates her walker she hops up and takes off down the hallway then turns around and comes right back. Screaming all the while.

Lately I’ve been focused on writing. I took a workshop to get my novel in shape and that was all well and good until the class ended and then I got distracted like I do. Now I’m writing short stories that I’m trying to get published and as many of my writer friends out there know the process is DEMORALIZING. Why God, why do we do this to ourselves? Hopefully something good comes of it this year.

As for what I’m reading since I started doing that again too…I’m reading seriously 5 books and two lit mags. Zelda, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Curtsies and Conspiracies, and Black Apples. I am loving Black Apples, it’s an anthology of dark fairy tale re-tellings. The lit mags I’m obsessed with are Shimmer and Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet. Funny story about Shimmer…I subscribed and the editor replied…turns out she wears my perfume! Small world. I want to submit to both but wow that will sting when I inevitably get rejected because those two are SO GOOD. I’m thinking about starting my own fairy tale/fantasy online journal just on tumblr for people who love writing these stories and just want to get them out there. Because all the billion projects I’m doing aren’t enough amirite?

Oh and Circa! That one is a historical fiction online journal. SO UP MY ALLEY. Seriously friends, check all those out and if you have suggestions for me, put them in the comments.

Lastly in this update I will mention my upcoming craft show appearances. I’ll be at Tigerlily Perfumery in San Francisco on July 17. I’ll also be at the Renegade Wholesale show in SF July 18 but I believe that is only open to store owners/buyers. I’ll be back in Los Angeles at Renegade (my fav as you can see) July 26 & 27 and then Renegade Brooklyn in September. My first East Coast show!

So hopefully I’ll see you. Hope everyone is doing well, I need to post more so we can talk.

Sipping Vinegar, who knew?


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IMG_20140526_102246I had never heard of sipping vinegar until I went to the Broadway Farmer’s Market this weekend. I was lured into the booth because of the promise of spicy pickled asparagus, which, by the by, was delicious. The man running the booth was handing out little cups of what looked like kombucha and the people he was talking to were very excited. I couldn’t hear what he said the concoction was and he wasn’t paying attention to me because the women he was talking to looked fancy and rich while I tend to look like I just rolled out of my dorm room bed (I’m almost 30) ANYWAY all I know is I saw free fancy drinks that come from corked bottles and I knew I had to have whatever it was. I grabbed a cup when there was an opening and downed it. Then he told me it was vinegar and I had a sorry/not sorry moment because this was the most delicious vinegar I’d ever accidentally downed. The flavor was Watermelon Violet and it made my heart happy. I immediately knew that I needed some champagne and St. Germaine that I could add this to, stat. I bought the pretty little bottle (the rich ladies did not, I clearly won that round of misjudging your audience) and then went and bought a mini bottle of champagne, Sunday Funday and all. Next week is the baby’s first birthday and since her middle name is Violet, I clearly needed to make a special drink with this delightful vinegar to mark the occasion. For the practice round, I poured a little of the vinegar into the bottom of a champagne flute, then poured about half a shot of St. Germaine. I swirled the glass to mix the two and then filled the rest with champagne. I couldn’t really taste the vinegar so I poured more in until the glass was rose colored. And friends, let me tell you, the drink was magic – the watermelon and violet was subtle but had this nice sweet, tang. It is hereby named The Claire Violet and I shall drink it often.

Best in Salon at the Seattle Fragrance Salon!!!


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I’m so excited! I love participating in shows because I love meeting people and talking perfume. It’s the easiest and best way to get feedback as you can tell a lot from a person’s facial expressions after a whiff of perfume. I decided to participate in the annual Seattle Fragrance Salon put on by TasteTv for two reasons 1. because I was 9 months pregnant last year and couldn’t participate and 2. sounded like a fun way to get my name out there with other perfumers. I’m so glad I did, STA was awarded Best in Salon, Most Unique, Best Aroma, and Best New Product. *Puffs up chest* Hooray! I’m energized and ready to start on new perfumes (so many ideas) and hit the craft show circuit this summer. Thanks everyone for patronizing my shop!

taste awards 2014

Seattle Artisan Fragrance Salon – “Smells like fragrant spirit”

A lovely write up of the Seattle Artisan Fragrance Salon I participated in this past weekend. Beautiful photos as well! If you are a perfume aficionado, this is a fantastic blog and is written in both Spanish and English.

Té de Violetas

foto: Virginia Blanco foto: Virginia Blanco

Seattle vio nacer al grunge pero también es cuna de talentosos perfumistas. Esta hermosa e interesante ciudad del estado de Washington, EEUU, está empapada de historia, música, arte, diseño, tecnología, gastronomía y -por supuesto- fragancias.

Un lluvioso y frío domingo 4 de mayo fue el marco perfecto para ensimismarse olfativamente en la 2da edición anual del Seattle Artisan Fragrance Salon, la cual se realizó en el Centro Internacional de Conferencias Bell Harbor. Si bien ya había asistido a este evento en otra ciudades -en calidad de prensa-, esta vez tuve el honor de ser invitada por sus organizadores (TasteTV) para conformar el jurado.

Me encontré con menos marcas que en otras oportunidades, lo que me dio la oportunidad de conversar un poco más con cada perfumista y conocerlos más en profundidad. La mayoría eran de la zona y algunos incluso eran muy nuevos en el mercado. Es interesante…

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So apparently scammers on Amazon sell my stuff?


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I was alerted to a shop on Amazon (I’m not going to link because why give them more attention) that is selling my three perfume sample pack for $27. That’s triple what I charge, but more importantly, they did this without my permission. No heads up. Just straight up took my work and put it on their site. That is all kinds of effed up. 

The moral of this story is there are three places you can buy Sweet Tea Apothecary perfume: my Etsy shop, my website, or me in person at a craft show. Anywhere else online is a scam.